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Season 6 Baby Fiction


#1 | Posted: 12 May 2010 11:31 | Edited by: Spikelissa
After the Fall by BuffyXenaDQFan Rated: NC-17 (WIP)

Imagine this as a re-telling of Season 6. Beginning at the moment Spike and Buffy see one another for the first time since her resurrection, the Slayer finds a comfort in the vampire that she'd never felt before. When their respective feelings for one another rapidly grow into a secret romance, what will happen when Buffy's friends learn the truth?

Checkverse by Xela Rated: NC-17

*Note: SERIES, AR, Claim, Starts with Checkpoint (Season 5) then Season 6 Fic is Check Mate followed by Unchecked (Season 7 & post series)*

The Scooby gang gets hit with a regression spell that makes them all act like teenagers again, forever altering their lives.

Origins by Niamh **Various Ratings**

*Note: SERIES, POST Season 5 & Season 6, Claim, Time Travel, AR/AU, Crossovers and Baby Fic as listed*

Post The Gift; Life surviving without Buffy and the consequences of her return. . .


Origins by Niamh Rated: NC-17

Post Season 5, veers from Canon, but uses elements that were seemingly left discarded by the writers.

Origins: Bridge by Niamh Rated: NC-17

Just a one shot, between books of Origins. Not much in the way of plot but it follows where we left off and bridges into the next book. Sort of an epilogue, but not really.

Origins: Revelations by Niamh Rated: NC-17

This is a continuation of Origins, and picks up shortly after the end of the first book. What happens to everyone now that Willow is gone from Revello Drive and Angel knows?

All I Want Is You by Niamh Rated: G

One-shot, set in the Originsverse, during the events of Origins: Revelations.

God Only Knows by Niamh Rated: R

One-shot, set in the Originsverse, between Resolutions and Revelations.

Family by Niamh Rated: G

Just a one-shot, between Revelations and Resolutions. Though the main thrust of the story isn't "spuffy" , they are quite obviously a couple and are mentioned.

Origins: Resolutions by Niamh Rated: G (WIP)

Six months after the battle with Angelus and his forces.

*****Though not part of Season 6 it is still a part of Origins and set in the Future but with Time Travel/Baby Fic*****

Destinies by Niamh Rated: PG-13

Spike and Buffy's daughter, Kristen, and an explanation for her presence in her parents' time-line during the events of Origins: Revelations.

The Triad Series by bitterness Rated: NC-17

Beginning with "Impossible," where Buffy discovers she's going to have a little prophecy. Set post season-six.

**POST Season 6 but future also**

Impossible by bitterness Rated: NC-17

Post Season Six, and moving on into its own plot after that. Spike returns to Sunnydale with his soul, but Buffy's news is a little bigger.

Anna Begins by bitterness Rated: NC-17

Sequel to "Impossible," picking up three months later. The life of Spike and Buffy with the Holy One, their daughter Anna. While this story will follow the three through fourteen years, expect a lot of skipping around. This is more a series of short stories than an actual novel.

Going Through the Motions by Alexannah Rated: G

**AR and Season 6 Baby Fic**

After being resurrected, Buffy doesn't believe she can still love and is having trouble bonding with her son. Spike thinks he knows a way to fix that.

The Prophecy by Witchiepoo Rated: NC-17 (WIP not sure if it will ever be finished)

**AR Season 6 Baby Fic**

AU fiction that takes place post-Normal Again. Buffy and Spike are having a baby. How did this happen? And what does an ancient prophecy, a French Slayer, and New Orleans have to do with this? Join Buffy and Spike as they struggle to bring their child in the world. They will need unconditional love and a belief in each other to survive.

Vengeance is Mine, Baby by maryperk Rated: NC-17

After the Wedding from Hell, Anya discovers that Buffy has a vengeance spell placed on her. The spell originates from Los Angeles. What other surprises are in store for Spike and Buffy?

The Peacemaker Chronicles (Series):

**NOTE: This series starts in Season 6, but then goes drastically off canon and out of Season 6. I had to add all in this season because it's a quite involved series! It includes: Time Travel, Baby, Drama, Romance, Action, Original Characters, Claiming, and Altered Characters.**

Book One: The Twist on Normal Again by Nimue (Nimue Tucker) Rated PG-13

This is a twist on Normal Again, incorporating the "glowing" speculation. First in a very long, wonderful series - The Peacemaker Chronicles.

Book Two: A New Life by Nimue (Nimue Tucker) Rated PG-13

The sequel to The Twist on Normal Again (Suggested you read that one first). Book Two of the Peacemaker Chronicles. Spike has died. Buffy is left to cope with the emotional fall out. Not to mention a child...

Book Three: The Peacemaker Prophecy by Nimue (Nimue Tucker) Rated PG-13

The sequel to A New Life. Buffy and Spike are parents now and have to protect a Chosen One and learn to live and work together.

Book 4: The Evil Within by Nimue (Nimue Tucker) Rated PG-13

Book four of the Peacemaker Chronicles. Spike and Buffy are charged with protecting their daughter from being harmed by one among them. But who? When? The new threat is something that they never expected nor are they ready to do what they may have to do to defend Emma.

Book Five: Time by Nimue (Nimue Tucker) Rated PG-13

Book Five of the Peacemaker Chronicles. Sequel to The Evil Within. Buffy and Spike are expecting their second child, however, there are complications. Not to mention that the Evil is still after Emma. Can they protect her?

Book Six: The One by Nimue (Nimue Tucker) Rated PG-13

Book Six of the Peacemaker Chronicles and sequel to Time. It's two and a half years later and things have been quiet in Sunnydale. Until now. The forces of evil have a plan to try and sabotage the One, the mystical link between Buffy and Spike.

Book Seven (Final of the Series): Meant to Be by Nimue (Nimue Tucker) Rated PG-13

Book Seven of The Peacemaker Chronicles - Things have been relatively quiet in Sunnydale...until now. The bad boys have a plan. And it all starts with a wish from a little girl.

Changing Lives by Crazy4Spike Rated PG-13

Buffy's not feeling well, Spike won't go away, and Dawn knows more that she should. The Scoobies lives are about to be changed forever.

Child of Light by Camilla Rated PG-13/R

**Note: Also a Challenge**

Buffy and Spike have been getting closer, and one night things change - in more than one way.

The Little Miracle by BloodyMiry Rated PG-13

Set after "Normal Again". Spike left Sunnydale and has been gone for 5 years. He returns to track down and win Buffy back. What he finds when he gets there is the last thing he expected.
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