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Season 6 Challenge Response


#1 | Posted: 12 May 2010 11:49 | Edited by: Spikelissa
Flood Of Emotion by ya_lublyu_tebya Rated: R

*Challenge response #366 at BSV*. Set post 'Life Serial'. A freak storm hits Sunnydale, flooding the town and trapping the gang in the Summers' house for three days. When tensions start to run high, how will Buffy cope?

Hippity Hoppity Harris by lilladybug Rated: R

Set in season 6, no real episodes in mind, but long after Buffy and Spike have had sex. The Trio puts a curse on Xander to mess with Buffy, but it doesn't go according to plan.

Buffy and Spike get it on, and he helps her to figure out exactly what in the world was done Xander.

Just Say It by Vampgirly Rated: PG

Written for Shady76's birthday on LiveJournal in response to Challenge 75 that she posted on Bloodshedverse. She wanted Buffy to fight for her man in an AU Hells Bells.

Peaches & Herbs by NautiBitz Rated: NC-17

In an imagined Season 6, Spike and Buffy shed their inhibitions -- and their pants -- after a bite of enchanted fruit.

Reel Life by Darkrivertempest Rated: R (WIP)

Season 6, Post "As You Were." After being dumped by Buffy, Spike approaches Willow for a spell to change his life. But as with most things that concern magic and love - it backfires! Now, every time he takes a drink, he's thrown into his favorite movie roles a la true Sunnydale style. Will he win Buffy back via movie magic, or will it be his own style that finally has his leading lady seeing stars? In response to a challenge from RedWulf50 over on Elysian Fields!

Seeing You by dampersandspoons Rated: R

Challenge prompt #2 from SanityFair. "I know it's not original but I'd like to see a rewrite of "Seeing Red"." Hey, me too! So here's my take on what I'd like to have seen happen instead of what really did transpire.

Stage Fright by angelic_amy Rated: R

After yet another disastrous birthday Buffy decides to make some changes, beginning with her love life. Set in season six of the BtVS timeline, after 'Older and Far Away'. Written for the Spuffy Haven 'Art Before Fic' challenge.

The Line Between by PennyDrdful Rated: G

At her birthday party, Buffy lets the cat out of the bag about her and Spike to the Scoobies.

Through Another's Eyes by Diabola Rated: NC-17 (WIP)

Response to Challenge #20 at the BSV Xander is a chipped vampire, the Initiative is back, Anya is AWOL, Buffy realizes something -- Read the Challenge-requirements for more info

What A Girl Wants by spike_spetslayer Rated: NC-17 (WIP)

Challenge Response to RedWulfe's Challenge #160 on the Bloodshedverse--Buffy is sent back to a critical point to make things right for her and Spike. Originally written as a one-shot PWP, but continued by popular demand.

Wedding Bell Blues by spike_spetslayer Rated: NC-17

A spell is cast, and there's no sex for anyone in the Scoobies, including Buffy and Spike. Will Xander and Anya make it to the church on time?

Be Careful What You Wish For by spike_spetslayer Rated: NC-17

Response to Chanel #5's challenge 140--Dawn wishes that everyone would tell the truth for once.

Always Invited In by Ariel Dawn Rated: NC-17

Response to Bloodshedverse Challenge #182. Set just after "Life Serial". Buffy and Spike, unbeknownst to the other, audition for a national ad campaign for extra cash.

Bunny Plot by Ariel Dawn Rated: PG-13

Response to Caroline's Challenge #21 on Sinister Attraction. It's fluff. Someone decides it would be a good idea to turn Anya in to a Bunny, to get her over her fear. Set after Older and Far away

Verita Rivelata by pfeifferpack Rated: R

During the summer between S6 and S7 Buffy has some dreams that guide her to her hearts desire. Originally written for Fairy Tale Challenge for the LJ community Seasonal_Spuffy Spring posting. This was inspired by a challenge on Bloodshedverse site (#218). Disclaimer: ME and Joss Whedon own the rights to all Buffy and Angel characters and settings. The plot for this story is mine and I derive no financial compensation for it.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer by maryperk Rated: R

Faith Lehane was called instead of Buffy Summers. When Faith dies for a few seconds at the hands of the Master, Buffy the unknown potential still living in Los Angeles is called unbeknownst to the Council. This fact is discovered when Faith sacrifices herself in her sister's place four years later. Buffy and her own group of Scoobies come to Sunnydale. Will Faith's friends and family accept this new Slayer? Written for the Third Slayer FFA challenge, round 9.

Heaven by maryperk Rated: PG-13

What if someone heard Buffy tell Spike about being Heaven? How would they react? My answer to the season 6 challenge #2 at seven seasons LJ

Repercussions by maryperk Rated: PG-13

Spike knew about the resurrection and tried to stop it, afraid that Buffy would 'come back wrong.' What is he afraid of? Written for Seven Seasons LJ
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