Season 6 Alternate Universe/Reality/Crossovers and Altered Canon Characters

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Season 6 Alternate Universe/Reality/Crossovers and Altered Canon Characters


#1 | Posted: 12 May 2010 12:31 | Edited by: Spikelissa
This category deals with Buffy as a vampire or came back as more than she was. Any of the characters acting as a child or becomes a child. The Scoobies or other canon characters (Including Angel and Angel characters during Season 6 BTVS) as vampires/human or as an evil human/evil demon, and Spike either humanized or a Slayer during Season 6. I am also including split characters such as Angelus/Liam/Angel, Anya/Anyanka, Buffy/Slayer, Spike/William/Demon, and Dawn/Key. I have also included Alternate Universe/Reality and Crossovers with Season 6. I came across way too many listed as this and those that should be listed as one of these.

Evolution by Demonica Mills Rated: NC-17

At some time, every species evolves. That time is now at hand.

**De-Evolution Rated NC-17 is a continuation of Evolution**

This story takes place 200 years after Evolution. Much of the story will be told in various flashbacks, but the time line will skip around. Clues will be given as to what year it is and such, but please assume nothing just because you haven't been told it yet.

Sang et Ivoire by Holly Rated: R

**Post Soul not Season 7**

Spike, struggling with his soul and his love for Buffy, is offered redemption from a very surprising source. However, when signs of an uprising evil begin to appear, he must face his fear and his guilt and return to the place it all began for him - Sunnydale.

Strip Snap by Lilachigh Rated: NC-17

**AU, Claiming, Character Split Entities**

Buffy has gone on a 'date' with Spike but come home with 'William'. And the charm to get Spike back involves the Slayer in a lot of desire, need and love.

Cousin Arabella by Lilachigh Rated: NC-17

**AU, Original Character**

I've always been fascinated by Spike's remarks about his cousin in Goodbye Iowa. A party, lots of demons, hatred, passion, white hot jealousy and several glasses of pink champagne. Not a good mixture for a Slayer and a Vampire whose cousin is trying to make Buffy admit her feelings.....

Three for a Secret... by Lilachigh Rated: 18

**Sequel of Cousin Arabella, AU, Original Character**

Set in Season Six, before Buffy is 21 but will go off canon almost immediately. An old enemy arrives in town with a plan that will force Spike and Buffy to the brink of disaster - and beyond.

Eclipse of the Heart by SinisterChic (Heather Martin) Rated Rated: NC-17

**Note: Baby Fic, Time Travel, but FIT more here in Altered Canon Character AU**

Things go wonky after Buffy and Spike get it on in Wrecked.

Deep Inside by SinisterChic Rated: 18

**Note: Baby Fic, Soul Principle from L.J. Smith usage, Altered Canon Character**

Set after Grave. Buffy needs to find Spike because of something he left behind. Meanwhile Spike develops a case of fugue amnesia.

Wizard Glass by Ripe Wicked Plum Rated R/NC-17

**Note: Willow Lovers Beware! I put this here for that very reason, but it is: AU/R, Claim, Episode Based and Rewrite**

Takes off from the ending scene in Tabula Rasa. Spike and Buffy find out why they lost their memories and after a confrontational, an out of control Willow sets her sights on Spike. Spoilers for Season Six: Post Tabula Rasa Willow fans, beware.

So Pretty by the_bloody Rated: 18

**Child-like character (Altered Canon Character), Episode Based and Rewrite**

Buffy is affected differently after being stung in 'Normal Again'. Will Spike be able to help her?

Innocence Found by spikes_heart Rated: PG/PG-13

**Altered Canon Characters**

Still going through the motions of everyday life and slayage, Buffy and Spike come across a demon that changes their very existence.

Reclamation by spikes_heart Rated: PG/R

**Altered Canon Characters**

Buffy wishes her friends could understand the changes she and Spike have been through.

No Good Turn by spikes_heart Rated: NC-17

What if Willow never tried the mind-wipe spell and Buffy sought another course of action to end the pain of her resurrection?

Crazy Eights by spikes_heart Rated: NC-17 (WIP hasn't been updated in a long time*


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