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Season 6 Episode Based & Rewrite Fiction


#1 | Posted: 12 May 2010 13:34 | Edited by: Spikelissa
A Love Like Ours by Holly

Buffy is broken, and Spike is determined to again make her whole by giving her what she needs most: an ear to bend, a shoulder to cry on, and, most importantly, someone who understands.

Actions Speak Louder then Words by SlayrGrl

Takes place part way through 6.15 "As you Were". What if Spike really had been holding the Suvolte eggs for a friend and goes to Buffy for help with what to do with them. Recently revised.

All the Way and Then Some by Scarlet Ibis

Nominated at Loves Last Glimpse Awards This fiction takes place during the episode "All the Way." This time, Dawn doesn't get into "candy corn mischief." She really did just hang out at Janice's house in this one. The stupid teenage boy vamps aren't out killing innocent old men or anybody- in fact in this story, they were already dusted by Buffy and Spike the day before. Re-watching the ep for like, I dunno the fifth time, I noticed how Buffy looked when Anya was talking about finding "the one," Xander nervous at the time, and Buffy leaving the party, looking at happy couples on the way to Spike's crypt. There was no ambulance, or anything like that, so in this version of the episode, Buffy has absolutely no distractions from her thoughts on Spike. The beginning is mostly dialogue, this being the first draft. Constructive criticism is much appreciated.

Yellow Skies by Isis Rated: NC-17

Takes place after As You Were. Spike leaves town so that Buffy can sort out her feeling. Thing is, you know Spike, he can't stay away from Buffy long. He comes back to town, only to find out that she and Dawn are missing. The events that follow bring Buffy closer to what she had feared losing.

Affinity by Ginny Rated: NC-17

**AU/R Episode Based and Rewrite**

Buffy can't be all work and no play. And Spike loves to play. A S/B Ship

Bound by RipeWickedPlum Rated: NC-17

Post-Gift, spoilers up the ying yang for fifth season. Spike's the only one that can help Buffy in death, but can she reach out to him?

Come Alive by NautiBitz Rated: NC-17

Still in shock over her resurrection, Buffy wants to get away from it all. Spike and his motorcycle provide the perfect escape. PWP.

Drowning by dramionelurver Rated: PG

What if Xander – after first leaving his own wedding – had walked himself through the rain to a certain crypt to find himself some alcohol? What if that's not all he finds? Xanya. Spuffy.

Dusting The Rugs by Megan Rated: NC-17

An alternatitve take on Dead Things. Spike teaches Buffy something about life, and Buffy learns something about herself. NC-17

Gone for Good by spikesdeb Rated: NC-17

Buffy's invisible and loving it. Spike gets a visitor to his crypt who wants to play a game. Fun, fluff and smut.

Green-Eyed Monster by ya_lublyu_tebya Rated: R


Goes AU during 'Entropy'. When Buffy catches Spike and Anya kissing, the green-eyed monster takes over. But could finally letting her feelings out be a good thing for the troubled Buffy, as jealousy brings about some surprising revelations.

Hysteria by Ariel Dawn Rated: R


Response to Kat's challenge #120 on the Bloodshedverse. After the Bathroom scene in Seeing Red, Buffy takes off after Spike.

Imitor Vita Pro Amor by Celeste and Debbie Rated: R


Buffy tries to convince herself all she needs is Spike's friendship...

Love, & Its Effects On The Nature Of Man & Beast by Celeste and Debbie Rated: R (WIP)

Sequel to IMITOR VITA PRO AMOR!! Drusilla creates a foe almost as formidable as Spike himself. What does he want? A Slayer. Co-written with Debbie *incomplete*

Impact by Scarlet Ibis Rated: R

Takes place during "Smashed," right after Spike says, "Afraid to give me the chance?" and Buffy has him pinned against that column. you know the part. And no, this is not some smut recap. Not in the least.

In Death, Love Prevails by yumimum Rated: NC-17

Take one mixed up slayer; add a dash of persistent vampire and a splash of honesty. Stir well and what do you get?
Set immediately post-Tabula Rasa. Can our favourite vampire coax Buffy out of that infamous river, or is the slayer destined to continue alone in a world full of nightmares?
Contains spoilers up to and including season six.

It's Just Lust by spikesdeb Rated: PG-13

Set during, or rather, just after the incident on Buffy's birthday when Halfrek had them all trapped in the house. Ever wondered what happened when Buffy and Spike met up again, whether the heavy UST turned into heavy petting?

Kiss the Bridesmaid by spikesdeb Rated: NC-17

A little smutlet of fun. Set during "Hells Bells" Season 6 BtVS but with a different outcome for Buffy and Spike.

More than an Eyeful by Behind Blue Eyes Rated: NC-17

Xander couldn't be that clueless, could he? During Gone, when Xander found Spike exercising, what was Xander doing before he so rudely interrupted. In my mind, it was far more than what was shown!

Slip of the Tongue by Behind Blue Eyes Rated: NC-17

Set in Season 6, during Life Serial. Buffy and Spike are sharing a couple of drinks. How a little drinking game, can bring out the lust between our two favorite characters.

With Feeling by Behind Blue Eyes Rated: NC-17

This is a song that should have been sung by Buffy in the Once More With Feeling Episode. I feel that this would have changed the Season drastically if Buffy laid it all on the line with this one song.....enjoy

Nightingale by Holly Rated: NC-17

After clawing her way through her grave, Buffy seeks refuge with Spike...and reacts violently when those who tore her from Heaven attempt to likewise tear her away from her sanctuary

Normal by spike_spetslayer Rated: PG

Buffy's thoughts during the S6 episode "Normal Again".

OEUVRE by Rabid1st Rated: NC-17

**Challenge Episode Rewrite**

NautiBitz asked that someone fill in the blanks between Smashed and Wrecked. Like we weren't all planning to do this anyway.

Of Frogs and True Love by etoile4 Rated: PG-13 (WIP)

During As You Were. Buffy breaks up with Spike before Riley and Sam leave. The actual "doctor" was the Troika. They strike back at the Scoobies after Buffy blew up the eggs.

On The Wrong Side of The Tracks by Megan Rated: R

Set during 'Dead Things'. Buffy suffers a meltdown and beats Spike in the alley. How will she react if she is seen by Xander and the Sunnydale Law?

Once More With Feeling (Redux) by Goldenbuffy Rated: NC-17

**Fluff/Comedy, Pre-series Episode Rewrite**

My take on what should have happened between Spike and Buffy after his song "Rest in Peace," and during "Where Do We Go From Here".

#2 | Posted: 17 May 2010 03:45 | Edited by: Spikelissa

As it should have Been by Lilachigh Rated: U

I loathe the episode As you Were in Season Six. So this is my rewrite of the ending, trying to make sure Riley Finn's behavior is seen in a different light.

Second Sight by AJ Hofacre Rated: PG-13

**Season 5 & Season 6 Based Episode Rewrite, POV Drama Angst**

A three chapter series following three significant events -- Buffy's death, her time in the afterlife, and the events of the episode, "Afterlife." Slightly AU, borrowing a lot of text from a majority of the season 5 episodes, as well as the text from "Afterlife." Written from Buffy's POV.

Seeing Things a Different Way by AuthoressNebula Rated: PG-13

During Seeing Red. The way things should've gone, if I'd written the damn episode...

Smacked by dampersandspoons Rated: NC-17

**Challenge Response Episode Rewrite**

I asked for challenge prompts and this was the first one I've written: I've been wishin' and hopin' someone would tell me everything that happened between the closing credits of Smashed and the opener of Wrecked. Every squishy little moment. I've read a few versions but no one has done it justice. Bonus points if you make my toes curl so much I need special shoes. Let's see if I can give it a go!

Smashed and Remade by ya_lublyu_tebya Rated: NC-17

A look at how much better things might have gone if Buffy had been a little less hostile in 'Wrecked'. Nominated at Sunnydale Memorial Awards!

Something To Sing About by NautiBitz Rated: NC-17

Post-OMWF, the musical episode: What could have happened if Buffy and Spike's musically climactic kiss led to an actual climax. Pure PWP.

Tempt Me Not by Addie Logan Rated: NC-17

Buffy takes desperate measures to try to remove the temptation from her life. But when things don't go anywhere near according to plan, she finds herself discovering what she hadn't wanted to believe was possible. (This story is set in Season Six, but goes completely AU at the beginning of "Gone." For the purposes of this fic, I'm ignoring the Nerd Trio and the social worker completely.)

The Offerings Trilogy by spike_spetslayer Rated: NC-17

**AU/R Episode Based and Rewrite**

Buffy, realizing how lonely she is and her feelings for Spike, decides that it's high time to confess and stand her ground--to her Watcher, her friends, and the vampire she hopes will become her lover. AR after the Episode "Once More With Feeling". Episode Spoilers for "All The Way" and "Once More With Feeling" (Season 6).

The Will To Love by Megan Rated: R (WIP)

Set in Season Six, As You Were. An old flame returns to Sunnydale and Buffy is forced to make the hard decisions. Will she have the strength to listen to her heart instead of the voices that have taken over her life? Can a person be taught how to love by the very demon that supposedly couldn't? And is the risk of love worth the risk of hurt?

Trust by Scarlet Ibis Rated: PG-13

Suppose Spike had a late start on leaving, and he was actually there, as opposed to Clem, when Buffy tries to drop Dawn off at his crypt? What would have been said?

What She Deserves by TammyDevil666 Rated: NC-17

What if Spike was the one to get hit by the invisibility ray in "Gone?"
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