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Season 6 Time Travel Fiction


#1 | Posted: 12 May 2010 17:16 | Edited by: Spikelissa
Paradox by jackofspikes Rated: NC-17

*Note: also during Season 2 and Also a Challenge response*

Answer to Wulfie's Challenge 109 on the Bloodshedverse. Season 6 Buffy and Spike are sent back to season 2 by a nerd invented time travel device. Disclaimer: Joss owns the characters of BTVS. I am not making any money off of this fic. Please don't sue me. Beta'd by AtheneHahn till chapter 25 then Spikeslovebite for the remainder. Special thanks to MaryPerk for all her help and wonderful advice. Winner of the WIP and Runner up in the Memories Catagories at the Fang Fetish Awards (round three). Nominated at the Love's Last Glimpse Awards (Round 16) in the WIP, Challenge Reponse, and Original Character (Wolfie) categories.

And Here We Go Round Again by Peta (Megan) Rated: NC-17

*Note: also during Season 2*

Spike takes a trip back in time to School Hard to see how possible it could be to make a Buffy,free from the trauma of first love with Angel,fall in love with him. Will this be the first one of Spike's plans to succeed??

Payback by dreamweaver Rated: NC-17

*NOTE: also during Season 3*

On his way back to Dru after 'Lover's Walk', Spike suddenly finds himself transported to his crypt the night after 'Smashed'. Horrified that he, a master vamp, should have been tamed and furious at how he's been treated, he blames Buffy for everything and is determined to pay her back in spades. Winner of Best Drama and nominated for Best Romance and Best Plot at the Sunnydale Memorial Fanfiction Awards!

Actions Past by Dutchbuffy2305 Rated: R

*NOTE: also during Season 1*

Sunnydale, 1997. Buffy makes a wish, with consequences...Buffy from the past and Buffy from the future will have to square their destinies and their lovers.

Because She Needs Me by callmekitten Rated: NC-17

Buffy returns from the dead haunted by a little girl in a cave crying out for her, needing her. Unsure of where or when the child Kaia is from, she turns to Willow for help to contact her. Willow goes one step further, sending Buffy into the past. Now she has to find her way home. Can Spike find her before something terrible happens?

Double Spiked by kantayra Rated: NC-17

When the nerdy trio delves into time travel, Buffy is faced with two Spikes at once. Will she be able to resist? (No, duh! ~_^)

Family Ties by lilladybug Rated: R (WIP)

Set during Tabula Rasa, a brief snafu in the spell Willow performed causes Giles and Spike to be hurled back in time to the places they desire to revisit the most; Spike goes back a few years earlier during Willow's "will be done" fiasco, and Giles to London in 1853, where he meets a young, beautiful woman named Anne.

Learning The Dance by dreamweaver Rated: NC-17

*NOTE: AR, Future Time Travel*

An accidental wish makes Buffy switch places with her future self. Winner of Best Alternate Reality and nominated for Best Sex at the Fang Fetish Awards. Thank you to all the mods and everyone who nominated and voted for me! Nominated in several categories in the Spark and Burn Awards!

Sands of Burning Time by ImmortallySpuffy Rated: R (WIP)

Spike, Buffy, Giles, and Logan cross time to rescue their loved ones from the Beast. Will their past actions affect their futures?

Crossover with The Mummy movie series with Brendan Fraiser and directly after the first Xmen movie, ignoring all else.

Through Time to Me by Lilachigh Rated: NC-17 (WIP)

A Watcher in need of a Slayer, a Slayer struggling to deal with her feelings for a vampire. And Spike - in love with a woman, fighting to keep his self respect, fighting to make her accept that what they have is wonderful. Three people about to come together in a very remarkable fashion.

Trusting the Enemy by _3xy_ Rated: NC-17

Set during SpuffySexageSeasonSix before Riley comes to town and mucks everything up. A stranger shows Buffy Spike's evil-filled future. Trust is never easy to give.
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